Contact information

Contact information

Jolanta Kozioł

mobile: +48 601 52 52 26
Whatsapp: +48 601 52 52 26 Jolanta Malgorzata Koziol

Visit to a new place always creates some expectations. Think of me as a local person who can be trusted, as I has lived here in Krakow for nearly all of my life, where I became a fully licensed guide of Krakow, now with years’ of experience in the job.

I will get you to see how local people live, where they shop, where they eat and relax. Tour with me is not just like a “visit to the castle” (though really worthwhile), not  museums’ tour only but you will also have a chance to sample some local flavors, and get to know to present life of Poland.

If you wish I can also share some personal experience with you, as I lived in this part of the world when it was still under communist regime.  This is not the history classes but the story of a real person that I can share with you. Whatever you are interested in about contemporary life in Poland, no matter whether it is politics, industry, insurances, please feel free to ask me about.

I am very flexible, and if you get tired, and prefer to change our plans accordingly I will always follow your request. You are coming here to enjoy the visit in this city, and to bring happy memories back home, or/and have opportunity to compare how it is to live where you live, and how it is to live here.

Several years ago I received a strange call from a gentleman called … Rick Steves. Many of you will know him as the author of excellent guide books around Europe. He said on the phone many of his readers who had been to Krakow recommended me as best guide of Krakow to him. I did not eventually get to meet him due to my work abroad, but I still feel  extremely  pleased to know that my clients had valued me so much.

Thank you ALL for that, and I do hope I can prove I deserve it.


call: +48 601 52 52 26