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Contact information

Jolanta Kozioł

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Jewish World in Poland


I know how hard it is for some of our travelers to eventually decide to visit Auschwitz.

Our guests upon arrival to Poland talk about it with fear, and become very emotional, and even upset at times. This is often their main reason to visit this part of the world.

My tours to Auschwitz are very meaningful, my guests can experience the visit thoroughly, as the basic thing is to pay respect, and memorize the Victims.

Considering the nearly a thousand years of Polish – Jewish coexistence this horrible period of the WWII will not affect your total  travel experience to this soil.

This is the place – Poland – where most horrible things happened to the Jewish nation, and the place where they lived in peace for hundreds of years.

Therefore, if you wish, I will also take you to Jewish world in Poland, as it is now. Abandoned or well-maintained cemeteries, existing synagogues, nostalgic shettles, relics of the past which are getting back to the surface. Which are notice again, talked about, discussed. Getting back to living.

We may visit homes where your ancestors lived, try to find out where they worked, or what they did. This always depend on whether the archives still exist. I will assist you to find out as much about your ancestry, as it is only possible.

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